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Taking the labor out of creating a baby registry.

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  Download list of names, gifts purchased, and
  addresses for easy thank-you card writing.


Our Goal...A Simpler Baby Shower Registry Experience.

You will not see any ads on this website. We won't try to sell you anything. The site is easy to use and won't take hours to try and learn. Moms can start adding gifts from any stores to their baby registries in just a few minutes. Your friends using the site will enjoy the blend of simplicity and elegance of your baby registry on Getting ready to have a baby takes a lot of work. By using this service to register online for your baby shower gifts we hope to make your life a little easier.

Our approach is simple. We just focus on the main thing: baby registries. We don't think that moms-to-be want to be bothered with all kinds of ads and offers when they are trying to create their baby registries. So, we only offer a single service here: creating elegant yet simple baby registries. Since we are focused on one thing, you can be too. We want you to have a great baby shower registry expereince.

There are several things that set apart our site from other baby registries. First, we allow you to add gifts from any stores. The only limit is your imigination. You can even add gifts from stores that aren't online. When you choose one of the baby registries at a single store you are locked into adding gifts from just that store. With A Simpler Baby Registry you can add just a few gifts or a lot of gifts from each store. Each of the baby registries that our moms-to-be create are unique. Your shower registry can reflect your unique personality. A second advantage to using our site is the ability for your friends to compare prices on items. When you register for a gift at a particular store, your friends may want to compare the price at another store. Each gift item you register for includes a button that says, "Compare Price..." and provides several stores that the site will automatically check. If it finds a cheaper price, your friends are free to buy the gift at the lower price. A third great advantage is the ability to download a list of the gifts purchases, who purchased it, and their mailing address. This will make your task of writing thank-you cards so much easier. This is something you will really appreciate after having a baby! Look around at other baby registries. These are things you won't find on the single-store or department store baby registries.

It is our sincere hope that after your baby shower you will be so thrilled with your experience with our site that you will not be able to stop telling others about A Simpler Baby Registry. We get our best and happiest customers from personal referrals. Please give A Simpler Baby Registry the opportunity to serve you. We believe that the ease of our site, our single-focus and clear approach, and our great customer service will be a huge value to you.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you,

Mark Baker
Owner -
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